The journey


High up in the Mongolian Gobi desert, whose dunes were popularly said to sing when the wind blows, is where our goats reside.

From there, their wool is brought to the small town of Biella in northern Italy, specifically to one of two world-famous mills nested between snowy Alps and dreamy Italian lakes. The wool produced here is the premier choice of well-known luxury brands and has a long heritage in the fashion world.

While you can definitely see the exquisite quality of our Cashmere, the touch and haptic qualities far trump the look.


Our silk is woven on the shores of Lago di Como in Lombardy. In true “made-in-Italy” fashion, all production steps are undertaken here – from warping to weaving.

In addition, our artist’s recreation of  popular paintings is printed with laser precision to provide you with both, the highest levels of comfort and sophisticated style.


To keep you warm and dry, our terry cloth is extra dense and woven carefully by hand in a Swiss company with more than 150 years of experience. Constant innovation, finesse and attention to detail mean you can truly relax – whether you want to wear your couture piece straight out of the shower, while getting ready or to lounge and lay back…and impress everyone around you.

our promise to sustainability

Our actions matter. Now more than ever. This is why the choice of our suppliers and partners was crucial in ensuring a transparent and sustainable supply chain. All our suppliers and the materials used are eco-certified and produced sustainably. We produce your luxury garment in Italy in a small Atelier, and pay attention to strictly adhere to the highest employee fairness and safety. Should you have more questions on our process and production, please reach out using our contact form.

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