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Fürst Tedesco’s exclusive apparel range uses only highest quality fabrics and is designed exclusively in Switzerland. All items are hand-made in Northern Italy. The focus lies initially on home couture, but will soon broaden to include day wear.

the Tricolore of Fabrics

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The twill of goddesses.

Sourced from the small Italian town of Biella in Northern Italy, this is the premier choice of top-notch fashion designers and couture houses. Feel it for yourself.


The canvas for stellar art.

Silk woven on the shores of Lake Como builds the ideal backdrop for true masterpieces. A secret worth sharing.


The foundation of absorbent comfort.

One of three things (besides chocolate and cheese), the Swiss don’t joke about is their luxurious Terry material. Produced in the middle of the Alpes, it will surround you with ultimate softness.

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