Fürst Tedesco has taken on the mission to manufacture the optimal luxury experience. 

The pieces are centred around utility, quality and iconicity to turn every product leaving our atelier into a symbolism of endurance.

Our roots combine the glamour and elegance of Northern Italy with the exclusivity of Swiss craftsmanship and design. All designs are born from intense study of local fashion and loved by an exclusive clientele abroad as much as on home soil.

All our efforts are focused on delivering you a unique shopping experience and beyond – our concierge service will assist you to make the most of your visit in our online boutique.

Our Story

How did the journey of Fürst Tedesco start you might wonder?

The two Co-Founders met in Zürich, Switzerland, and quickly discovered their common passion for Art and Fashion, which they decided to join together and let a wider audience have a part of. Our items are the canvas for unique pieces of art – sometimes in plain sight, sometimes hidden – but always on precious Italian fabrics.

The design process begins in Switzerland, where we involve renowned Swiss and Italian designers who help create a an artistic vision of classic clothing. Then, the search for the best available materials began, all of which are from world-leading producers in their fabric-type and produce specifically for Fürst Tedesco.

It is hard work to provide you with the products you deserve – but it’s worth it.

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